One World Dialogues

 Dialogue Invitation   

     Are you hungry for community? Are you searching for deeper professional meaning, supportive personal replenishment, and more impactful contribution?  Are you seeking ways to broaden our impact in the world?

    We are a not-for-profit group of change agents, social entrepreneurs and coach facilitators and we invite you to gather for a conversation with  approximately 12 – 15 others…who would come together for 2 ½ days to explore the following question:


January 8 - 10, 2010, Phoenix, AZ
June 18 - 20, 2010, Mono Mills, Ontario
Gathering Registration:  $595.00 per person
Why might you say YES to this invitation?
* If you’ve felt that there is more that you might do…or be… if you had the support and resources of a larger community alongside you
* If you’re eager to explore possibilities, to learn from others, to describe for us your point of view and experience, and have us learn from and with you
* If you’re willing to invest a couple of days of your time with a community of like-minded and like-spirited people who are searching for what is the next, important contribution they can make, in service to making the world a better place,
Then consider joining us...

The gathering will be held in a setting for serene replenishment. The conversation will begin by inviting us to share who we are as
individuals, building to what we, as a unique gathering, bring together in terms of skills, gifts, contacts and passions….and culminating perhaps in a commitment to something global, or at least beyond the reach of our individual projects and pursuits.

The Venue:

Our October gathering in 2009 is at a retreat in the country. The gathering fee includes meals - Thursday dinner, Friday lunch and dinner (with wine) and Saturday lunch - and snacks, meeting facilities, materials, some internet access and the various pleasures of the retreat setting.

For the June gathering in Toronto, we have not yet established a venue.  However, we are committed to a quiet, relaxed environment where casual conversation is evoked.

For Mono Mills in October, extras include exploring a 10 acre property which is nestled under the escarpment and close to the Bruce Trail. Enjoy walking around the pond, ambling in the meadows, hiking around the property, basking in the hot tub or lounging on the deck to enjoy the sun…what would nurture YOUR spirit?

We have prepared a brochure with a map from the airport and preferred Bed and Breakfast locations nearby - please email us at for a copy.

 For more information on the events, please email
or call 1-800-350-5536

• To register, please visit and click on Coach Store to select the gathering of your choice.
We look forward to welcoming you!
Susan Wright, The Coaching Project Inc.
Charles Holmes, Connecting for Change
Carol MacKinnon, The Coaching Project Inc.
Lorraine Clemes, The Coaching Project Inc.
Sue and Harvey Griggs, Mono Mills, Ontario